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Pigeon Forge's Path to Fame Talent Competition FAQ

1. How do I register?

You can register online for your audition date at

2. How do I submit an audition video?

Please visit the How to Audition page for a step-by-step guide.

3. Do groups need to register as a group or individually?

Please register your group via the group registration form for your selected audition city.

4. Am I eligible to participate?

Please view eligibility requirements here.

5. How much does it cost to audition?

There is no cost to audition.

6. What will I win?

Four lucky finalists from each audition city (16 finalists total) will be selected to advance to the final round of the competition.

One grand champion selected at the final round in Pigeon Forge will win:

*Meetings will be conducted remotely via telephone or video conference depending on the technology available to both the winner and the talent executive, and each meeting will be limited to 30 minutes. It will be up to the winner to schedule said meetings with the talent executive. There is no guarantee of a direct result from the mentorship, other than the ability to ask questions, learn and apply that knowledge to the winner's “path to fame.”

7. Where will the auditions be held?

Auditions for the 2020 Path to Fame competition will be virtual only. Please read more about submitting an audition video here.

8. I'm under 18, can I register and submit an audition tape?

No, each participant must be 18 years or older at the time of registration and video submission. Proof of age will be requested from each finalist before advancing to the final round.

9. How will the audition videos be judged?

Each video submission will be reviewed. Each video audition should last no longer than three minutes. The judges will use a scorecard to evaluate each performance. Four finalists from each city’s audition will be selected to advance to the final round. Each finalist will be notified individually to confirm participation in the final round.

10. What will the judges be looking for?

The judges will judge each performance on six different criteria. The criteria listed in order of importance are camera presence and professionalism, technical ability, familiarity, enthusiasm and expression, creativity and selection of material.

11. How will the final competition be judged, and the grand prize winner selected?

The 16 semi-finalists who advance to the final round will submit a new audition video submission. (While a finalist can perform the same material used in the first round of auditions, a new video must be created solely for evaluation during the final round. Previously entered submissions are not eligible for the finals round.). The grand prize winner will be based on judges’ final evaluations.

12. Can I have an accompanist in my video?

Yes, however, you must specify that you are auditioning as a solo artist. Please indicate this on your audition application and communicate this at the beginning of your video submission.

13. Who are the judges?

Each audition will be evaluated by three judges: 1) entertainment industry executive John Alexander, 2) a representative of the Pigeon Forge theater community, and 3) a local radio personality. Alexander discovered Grammy-nominated artist Kelsea Ballerini and has decades of experience in the entertainment industry including 10 years at Great American Country television network.

14. Will the auditions be broadcast anywhere?

No, however, follow My Pigeon Forge on Facebook and Instagram for updates and be sure to use #PigeonForgeFame and tag My Pigeon Forge in any of your posts preparing for the audition or at the audition.

15. Can my dance/cheer/gymnastics team compete together?

There are no dance, cheer or gymnastics categories for this competition. The only eligible categories are vocalist, instrumentalist, comedian or specialty act, and each must meet the requirements outlined here.

16. How many people can be in a group?

A group can consist of two to five people.

17. Can I audition more than once?

Duplicate video audition submissions will be disqualified. The first audition video received will be deemed the participant’s official entry. Any additional audition videos submitted will be ineligible for evaluation.

18. How will I know if I have advanced to the finals?

A representative from the Path to Fame Talent competition will contact each finalist individually to confirm participation in the final round.

19. Where can I get more information about the competition?

Visit or email [email protected] with any additional questions.

20. What are the age restrictions?

All contestants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of registration to participate.

21. Are animals permitted? What if they are part of the act?

Not including service animals, no animals are to be included in audition videos. Any act that involves animal performance is not qualified to audition.

22. If I forgot to register, will my audition video submission still be valid?

No, each contestant must complete the online registration form, the contest waiver, and submit an audition video to compete in the Path to Fame Virtual Talent Competition.

23. If I completed an online registration form but won’t be able to send an audition video, do I need to notify someone?

A Path to Fame Talent Competition official will confirm all online registration forms upon receipt. If no video audition is submitted to complete the registration process, the applicant will be deemed ineligible. As a courtesy, you can notify a Path To Fame representative by email at [email protected] if you wish to rescind your online application form.

24. Do I have to be a resident of Huntsville, Asheville, Chattanooga or Atlanta to enter the competition?

No, this competition is open to legal residents of all U.S. states and the District of Columbia who are at least 18 years of age at the time of registration and entry.